Me As a Trainer

Form is #1 for me. Maybe it’s the perfectionist in me, but it irks me seeing wrong form. Sure…. you can do a 5-minute plank…. but is it truly a plank if the right muscles aren’t engaged??? It’s also important for safety. I am (unfortunately) realizing our bodies don’t always bounce back as we age. So, fitness safety should always be #1 for longevity.

On top of form, while it may be “gym controversial”, you know your body more than I do. I am here to push you and I LOVE when you show up to class because you are showing up for yourself. But sometimes there is only so much you can do, or so much you can give. And THAT’S OKAY. So, I am an advocate for always listening to your body and paying attention. Communication is key for a great coach/client relationship.

My Story

I was very active in high school, playing volleyball (school and club) all 4 years. Adding to that, my brothers and I raised and showed livestock (pigs, sheep, and cattle). It’s funny but shoveling sh** on the daily really builds great muscle! Also, controlling a 1,500- pound animal with a rope is a workout, in itself. But it wasn’t until I arrived at college where I found my passion for fitness. I started at a small CrossFit gym in Chico which was so great! They eventually had to shut down, which is when I found a Kettlebell gym where I really fell in love with the sport. However, due to my job, most of my time was now being spent in Yuba City. That’s when I found IQ Fit. I started with Ignacio for 1:1 training which challenged me. Then, eventually migrated to group class, which was great camaraderie. I loved the motivation I would get from the other ladies, as well as give. I think that’s when I realized training was something, I loved to do for me, and for other people. I am currently in process of finishing my NASM CPT certificate and coaching group class for IQ fit. I look forward to my further growth in this industry and as a member of this team.

Why I Became a Trainer

WHY NOT?! It’s funny, when I was training with my old Kettlebell coach, she often told me to get certified, but even though I loved the sport, I always told myself it was financially not the time for me. I’m kicking myself now because I wish I would’ve started sooner. My first reasoning for starting was because I was at the gym daily, so why not add an hour or two more! But really, it was in group class that I really loved being able to motivate others. I feed off the group class and they motivate me to push myself, and I love that feeling. Just being able to help others with their goals or small wins for a lift. Its pretty cool.

Favorite Quote

“Never a failure, Always a lesson”

Favorite Cheat Meal

Probably pizza. Everything in moderation!


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