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Me As A Coach

My personal training style is rough. I will push you and make you dig deep. We will always go past your limits.

My Story

I played competitive soccer since I was 8. I competed in high school and college level soccer. Ran track and cross country for 8 years including high school. I always enjoyed watching my older brother play soccer so I wanted to be like him. Made it to varsity all 4 years of high school l and was captain for 3 years straight. Lead my cross country and track team as captain all 4 years. Currently I'm coaching at Yuba City HS girls soccer as assistant coach for varsity. I always had my family to support me and friends. I'm very thankful for my parents disciplining me at a young age to always work harder than the rest.

Why I became a coach

I decided to become a coach because I always want to push people to their limits and help them get better. Have discipline and dedication to strive for more.

Favorite Quote

Stay dedicated & always strive to greatness

Favorite Cheat Meal

Tacos and sopes


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect. Message me through this website.

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